Date Code Legend

I started by trying to put cute little cards inside every bag of switches. It was a mess. Stickers were even worse. Ultimately didn't want to cause further delays and decided to go with the batch codes written on the top right of each bag + a shared legend. This also helps as there were some overlapping date codes (same date, different batch / board). Allows me to designate a-stock / b-stock as well, within batches (E.g. 1B, 3B, 11C).

As promised, for your reference and curiosity, please see the legend below:

1A: MAY 91
2A: MAY 93
3A: DEC 92
4A: DEC 93
5A: NOV 93
6A: JAN 91
7A: MAY 93
8A: MAY 93
9A: JUL 92
10A: JAN 93
11A: APR 94
12A: APR 94
13A: JUL 94
14A: SEP 92
15A: MAY 91
16A: JUL 92
17A: JUL 94
18A: APR 94
19A: DEC 93

Happy lubing!


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