Group buy (and extras!) updates

I will try to keep this updated as much as possible.

  • Group buy launched, supplier order pending
  • Boards are fully paid for and are being palletized! Workspace is clear and ready to begin
  • Yes, boards are here! I have started going through them and setting up to batch all actions. They had more boards left than expected. Pallets were a bit of a plastic-wrap mess, but zero damage <3

    All ETA updates will be done via the site for all to see. Requests for updates do nothing but slow me down. I won't hold it against you for asking, but I'll ultimately be quoting/linking you to this page. I will not consider bumping you up the queue. Etc.

    The majority of the boxes are exactly the same as my first ever batch (this is a good sign). (If you're familiar with my previous photo logs, these are the beige and blue boxes.) Will put together a basic photo log as I go, with a focus on date codes and any boards that are unique from the rest of the batch.

    This delivery was definitely behind the schedule I was hoping for, but I'm relieved they are secure. Looking forward to getting these out to you! Thanks for your patience.
  • March 2  Pulled cases and caps for all (gb) boards. Estimated total progress ~15%
  • March 19  Desoldering in progress. ~35%
  • April 11  ~80%! Almost done!
  • April 30/May 1 Update  Sorting, packing, final touches! I expect to ship ALL GB orders by the end of the month! NOW is the time to (PLEASE) let me know if you have an address change.
  • May 15  Shipping has begun!

    Extras remain available  I will start working on extras after the GB orders.

    If you have an international order and you want to order additional set(s) to save on shipping, I will help you with this! (Your order will ship after the others, but you will save quite a bit on shipping.)

  • May 28
    A second batch went out yesterday. I don't think I will finish every order by the end of the month (Monday) as expected, but I'll continue this weekend and I'm not far off at all. Batching and sorting took longer than I hoped, but I'm really happy with the sets that are going out.

    I have added a Date Code Legend to my site. Please reference this when your order arrives.

    Apologies for the delay and thanks for your patience. You've all been really supportive and understanding and I genuinely appreciate it.

    You will receive a shipping notification automatically. Really excited to start seeing the builds.

    Another batch will be dropped off Monday, and I will continue to keep you updated. Have a great weekend!
  • June 17
    The majority of the remaining gb orders were packed up over the last 3 days. More will be dropped off tomorrow!
  • June 25
    All remaining GB orders shipped this week! (With the exception of one invalid address. I've already reached out to the owner.) I can't thank you enough for your patience. This took longer than I wanted, and I'm really happy the sets are now on the way to their new owners.

    I hope you will share your builds with me! Please do not hesitate to e-mail me. Other than maybe recycling empty plates and dropping off orders, seeing completed builds is the most satisfying part of the process.

    Extras are up next! I will continue to post updates, as I have from the start.
  • July 11

    Work on fulfilling extras is in progress! Orders will continue to go out in the order they were received.

    Thank you for all the feedback from those who have received their sets. I'm really pleased that the response to the delivered sets has been so positive. Thank you for your trust.
  • July 19

    Another ~1/5 (20%) of the outstanding extras orders were dropped off today! Thanks!
  • [Latest Update] Done! (New updates page added for new orders!)

    Some extra switches remain available: