Group buy updates

I will try to keep this updated as much as possible.

  • Group buy launched, supplier order pending
  • Boards are fully paid for and are being palletized! Workspace is clear and ready to begin
  • Yes, boards are here! I have started going through them and setting up to batch all actions. They had more boards left than expected. Pallets were a bit of a plastic-wrap mess, but zero damage <3

    All ETA updates will be done via the site for all to see. Requests for updates do nothing but slow me down. I won't hold it against you for asking, but I'll ultimately be quoting/linking you to this page. I will not consider bumping you up the queue. Etc.

    The majority of the boxes are exactly the same as my first ever batch (this is a good sign). (If you're familiar with my previous photo logs, these are the beige and blue boxes.) Will put together a basic photo log as I go, with a focus on date codes and any boards that are unique from the rest of the batch.

    This delivery was definitely behind the schedule I was hoping for, but I'm relieved they are secure. Looking forward to getting these out to you! Thanks for your patience.
  • [Latest Update] March 2  Pulled cases and caps for all (gb) boards. Estimated total progress ~15%