Quality standards

Quality standards

I use a pair of Hakko FR-410 desoldering stations. I keep my workspace obsessively clean, and treat your switches as though they are my own.

I inspect all switches one by one and check all pins. If a switch does not meet my desoldering standards, I sort it into b-stock. (At this point, this almost never happens.)

As I have done from the beginning with extremely rare exception, I do not sell by date code. I will not allow buyers to choose or request date codes in advance. You will be given a set at random, with no preference given. I will, however, include the date code for your reference and curiousity, whenever possible.

If a board I receive has a date code later than 1994 anywhere on the board, I will not desolder it. If a board has a PCB date code of 1994 or earlier, I will desolder it and sort it into a batch for shipping. Typically, these boards have date codes on both the PCB and the case. In the event that a board is missing one of the date codes, or the code is not legible or complete, I will still desolder and ship the board IF the date code that it does have is 1994 or earlier, AND if it comes from the same box as other boards with date codes of 1994 or earlier. This is ultimately the best I can do. I agree with other experts who have come before me that PCB date code is the most reliable indicator (of mold/production date). No refunds will be given. This includes individuals who message me "my buddy says these could just be retools maybe you just got scammed bro lol." It also applies to individuals who question my sources, not because they have any doubts about the switches, but because they want to try to gain as much information as possible about my suppliers, in the hopes that they can try to buy direct. (This has happened more than once, sadly.)

I've done all that I reasonably can to insure that all switches come from vintage molds, that they are functional, and that you will be happy with them. As such, these are sold as is. No refunds, no returns, no complaining. If you do not understand the above, please do not purchase. I want happy customers making responsible purchases. Thanks <3


(For group buys only.) Due to my quality standards, as described above, there is, of course, a very small but non-zero chance I will not approve enough of the boards to fulfill all orders. In the event that this happens, I will use an RNG to select the orders that will be refunded. These orders will be refunded in full, I will cover all transaction fees. Again, this is very unlikely, but I want to be as transparent as possible.

Update: I approved enough for the entire group buy. Extras are available.