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Aug 5:

I am happy to announce that I expect to ship all outstanding orders by the end of the month (August 2021).

Extras went up for sale in December, and did not begin shipping until after all group buy sets, as outlined and promised from the start. (This means they began shipping in July.) I have already fulfilled well over half of all orders, and the reception from buyers has been overwhelmingly positive (thank you for that).

If you have not received a shipping notification by September 1, please feel free to reach out. Providing ETAs for individual orders is counterproductive and unrealistic, and slows the process down for everyone. The only messages I can promise to take the time to respond to before then (September 1) will be address change requests. I will of course be happy to help with any address change needs, or hold your order in between moves, whatever you need.

If/when I have additional updates to share, I will update this page for all to see.

Thanks so much for your patience!


Aug 22:

Lots of orders and shipping notifications going out.

If you received tracking, but the package isn't moving, don't worry. I either haven't dropped it off, or they haven't scanned it.

If you haven't received tracking, don't worry. I'm grouping labels by order size and batch. I didn't forget you. All orders are going out.

If your friend received tracking but has a later order number than you, don't worry. I'm grouping labels by order size and batch. All orders are going out. Your friend isn't special, and I didn't forget you.


Aug 30:

With the exception of a few invalid addresses/orders I've reached out to, ALL orders of a single set have been packed and shipped!

I still have a handful of multi-set orders to ship, need a few more box sizes (these are already on the way). This will sound like a very Rukia excuse, but I am also currently out of tape. Amazon is on the way with more. I expect all multi-set orders to be moving before the weekend.

DHL orders will go out as soon as the driver shows up.

Thank you all!