NOS Cherry Vintage Blacks

NOS Cherry Vintage Blacks

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1 bag of 88 NOS Cherry Vintage Black switches. (You may buy multiple bags.)

These are true vints, from 1994 or earlier, without exception. All plate-mount and desoldered from brand new SEALED boards. They are extremely clean.

They are smoother and feel much better than retooled blacks. (This includes the first batch of retooled.) They are extremely consistent compared to cherry-picked used vintage blacks (which can also be fantastic). They are, without a doubt, smoother than used vintage blacks that have been picked at random.


I will include the date code from the desoldered board with your shipment, whenever possible, for your reference and curiosity.


This is a group buy.

I have the option to buy the remaining ~ dozen boxes of NOS boards from the same supplier I have been working with since 2019. I will be running these in group buy format for a few reasons.

  • To make sure I have enough demand, and to push that demand all into one stretch of work (see batching actions, below). While I know I can sell them all, I want to sell and ship them all QUICKLY. I want my space back.
  • To allow those that have been patiently waiting to secure a spot, in what will hopefully be a little less of a frenzy than my usual sales.
  • So that I can batch actions. This is absolutely critical (to my sanity) when working through so many boards out of a small space. The process will look something like this, if you're curious.


Estimated timelines:

This buy will be open until the end of winter break (Jan 26th), OR until I sell out, whichever comes first. There is a non-zero chance these these sell out very quickly. Please do not assume that these will remain available until Jan 26. It is unlikely that they will. Plan accordingly.

From the time that the boards arrive, I estimate that this will take me between 14 and 99 days to complete the entire process (desoldering to shipping). This is an intentionally wide range. I don't want anyone to be frustrated. If you will not enjoy the anticipation, or plan to beg me to prioritize shipping your switches over other customers, please do not enter this group buy. These will ship when they ship. I will treat all customers the same, and will not ship your switches any sooner because you have a "special" build, or because you say please, or because you send me nine DMs. I assure you, I want these desoldered and out of my space even more than you want to build your new Keycult.

Please see the FAQ page for more. I will add to it, as appropriate.

Standard GB terms apply: Please note this is a Group Buy. There could be delays. The timeline is an estimate. By adding this item to your cart and purchasing you acknowledge that you understand and agree to all terms. No refunds or cancellations.